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Sara Provenzale M.ed L.P.C.

Arriving at a Threshold

Welcome! If you found this site, chances are you are at some kind of threshold.


A strange symptom. A relationship breakdown. A child. A new identity. An unrelenting sadness or anxiety. A death. A new fear for our world. An ending.


A threshold holds the kernal of threat and promise. Meeting a challenge can end in shrinking or growth-of your sense of self and understanding of the world. Unconditional care and support can point you toward your own center and wisdom to guide the change. 

This is a good place to start.

buddha garden_edited.jpg

Ancient because your problems go way, way back. I know they feel very particular, very yours. But they are the result of not only your own ancestors but the whole collective of humans who came before us. Thankfully, they also passed down hope, vision, and strategies for survival.


Having a sense of what we inherit and what we want to live and pass forward is an important part of my understanding of therapy. 

Toads are a staple of human lore and symbolism across many cultures. Sometimes wise, sometimes gross, sometimes about to be transformed, sometimes in their final form.


Toads stand for many things, but rarely the pretty or perfect. Here we are, a bunch of toads in the muck, trying to figure it out. And with toads, like with what matters inside people, "pretty is not the point".

Why the name ancient toad?

1. Show up

2. Pay Attention to what has Heart and Meaning

3. Tell the Truth without blame or judgment

4. Let go of Outcome

Anthropologist Angela Arriens writes at the core of theories of god and religion are these four things, I have found them a useful starting place for many problems:     

mary oliver.jpg

If you are in need of immediate psychological  help  please contact:


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. 


Or Netcare in Columbus Ohio


Netcare Access provides mental health and substance abuse crisis services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Any adult, 18 years and older, may go to their location at 199 S. Central Avenue and walk-in without an appointment or referral to receive crisis care. 


Or call 911.


Get the Support you need-you are worth it.  

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